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Stay-over at Cruise Ship

Stay-over at Cruise Ship

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Cruise ships do not typically navigate deep into the Sundarbans mangrove forest due to the intricate network of narrow rivers, canals, and shallow waters. The Sundarbans is a delicate and protected ecosystem with numerous challenges for larger vessels, including the risk of running aground in the shallower areas and causing environmental damage.

However, there are smaller boats and vessels specifically designed for navigating the Sundarbans. These boats are often used for guided tours and eco-tourism experiences within the region. These tours provide an opportunity to explore the mangrove forest, spot wildlife, and learn about the unique ecosystem while adhering to safety and environmental regulations.

If you're interested in visiting the Sundarbans via cruise or boat tours, it's advisable to contact reputable tour operators in the region. They can provide information on available tours, itineraries, and the type of vessels used for exploring this ecologically sensitive area. Always prioritize responsible tourism and follow guidelines set by local authorities to protect the fragile environment of the Sundarbans.


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